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Vantel Pearls

Stunning necklaces. Beautiful bracelets. Eye-catching earrings and rings. Vantel Pearls' pieces capture life's beauty... And reflect yours.

From fashion-forward design to exciting oyster openings to attentive product care, we are passionate about creating an experience you'll treasure.


Message from Joan

Joan Hartel Cabral,
Vantel Pearls President
Joan Hartel Cabral, Vantel Pearls President

“The birth of a Pearl is a wondrous event. A particle of sand, piece of a shell, or foreign object drifts into the Oyster’s body and the oyster begins to secrete layers of nacre (Mother-of-Pearl) around the irritant. Over time, the layers transform into a glowing one-of-a-kind Pearl.

Pearls have taught me about gratitude and nature’s wisdom. How many of us are able to take a challenge, as Oysters do, and find the gift in it? It isn’t always easy to find the positive in the hardships we endure, but in time beauty is often revealed. When we assimilate what we have learned from the difficulties we have overcome, we can then celebrate them as blessings and continue to grow. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful. Pearls can help us feel beautiful on the outside, while we practice embracing the challenges on the inside.”

Vantel Pearls Treasured Gems

Treasured Gem #1
“Everything happens to us for a reason, from which I can learn and grow.”

Treasured Gem #2
“Trusting my intuition and a power greater than myself provides the best guidance.”

Treasured Gem #3
“All I have is today. Let me make today a fully alive day.”

Treasured Gem #4
“I will take full responsibility for my choices and not feel responsible about the choice of others.”

Treasured Gem #5
“I will not hurt others, instead I will use compassion and always use respect.”

Treasured Gem #6
“When I treat myself as a priority, I am better able to deal with life's challenges.”

Treasured Gem #7
“The richest rewards come from helping others with no thought of reward.”

Treasured Gem #8
“There is no success without commitment and action.”

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