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New Hope

New Hope

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Employees of Vantel Pearls in Foxboro, Massachusetts held a Holiday workshop to prepare gifts of Pearl Jewelry for the employees of New Hope, as a gesture of appreciation for the important work they do. New Hope employees quietly work to help end domestic violence and help survivors transform their lives of fear and danger to lives of safety, recovery and growth.
As a continuous supporter of New Hope, Vantel Pearls employees wanted to show their appreciation for the New Hope Employees who serve individuals and families in crisis, and who most often work invisibly at New Hope for the well being of others.

Vantel Pearls is a direct selling company whose mission is to empower individuals in their desire for success. They are the largest direct selling Pearl Company in the United States. A Pearl is created by an oyster when a particle of sand or a foreign object drifts into the Oyster's body. The Oyster begins to secrete Mother-of-Pearl around the irritant. Over time, the layers transform into a glowing one-of-a-kind Pearl, a gift from nature.
Through the metaphor of the Oyster, individuals can take a challenge as an Oyster does, and find the gift in it. While it isn't always easy to find the gift in the hardships that we endure, New Hope Employees work tirelessly to help individuals survive their challenges.

Vantel Pearls Holiday wish is for each employee of New Hope to realize that they are the beautiful Pearls who serve the important work of helping others survive life's challenges. Vantel Pearls Employees wish to say thank you to the New Hope Employees, who quietly make a difference in the lives of others.
New Hope Gala Event
Vantel Pearls In The Oyster was pleased to support New Hope's 30th Anniversary String of Pearls Gala Celebration on Friday, March 20, 2009. This important event honored survivors of domestic and sexual violence and commemorated 30 years of New Hope working to strengthen individuals and families by ending domestic violence.

Distinguished guests who were present at Lake Pearl Luciano's were Honorary Committee Chairs, Diane Patrick, First Lady of Massachusetts, who delivered a powerful and moving key note address, U.S. Rep. James McGovern as well as Vantel Pearls President and Founder, Joan Hartel.
Joan Hartel with Diane Patrick
Vantel Pearls President Joan Hartel (left) with first lady of Massachusetts, Diane Patrick
joan with jim mcgovern
Vantel Pearls President Joan Hartel (left) with Representative Jim McGovern
Honored guests received beautiful Pearl jewelry gifts donated by Vantel Pearls and the featured item in the live auction, which stirred high bids and excitement, was a 100 inch strand of AAA quality genuine Pearls, also donated by Ms. Hartel and Vantel Pearls. The lucky winner bestowed the beautiful strand as a gift to his wife on the spot!

Attendees were treated to a surprise gift at the end of the evening.
Hidden in beautiful table centerpieces were real oysters, provided by Vantel Pearls, containing beautiful, genuine pearls with breathtaking color and luster.

Guests were invited to open their own oyster! All delightfully discovered (with many ooh's and ahh's) peach, lavender, cream, white and gold pearls!

joan and diane 2
Vantel Pearls President Joan Hartel (middle) looks on as Diane Patrick admires her new pearl jewelry

Below: Gala attendees enjoy opening their oysters!

Just as domestic violence can be present in our community, but go unnoticed; analogies were made with oysters that were imperceptibly present in beautiful floral arrangements.

Domestic violence can exist even where lives appear beautiful and well supported, like the oysters floating beneath elegant white tulips. Skilled New Hope staff provides critical support to abuse victims so that the individuals can flourish and shine - like a pearl!

A limited commemorative Sterling Silver Ribbon of Hope pendant bearing the domestic violence symbolic purple color was offered to attendees for which all proceeds benefited New Hope and its work.

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