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Vantel Pearls

Stunning necklaces. Beautiful bracelets. Eye-catching earrings and rings. Vantel Pearls' pieces capture life's beauty... And reflect yours.

From fashion-forward design to exciting oyster openings to attentive product care, we are passionate about creating an experience you'll treasure.

Loving Life

At Vantel Pearls, we love pearls. We love jewelry. But even more, we love life.

We believe it's about the journey we take together. The courage to take on challenges, and to discover, much like the pearl in the oyster, that we can emerge strong, shimmering, changed for the better. Join us in celebrating hope, gratitude, belief, and joy!

Making a Difference

Join us - we donate $2 from each purchase of our
Ribbons of Hope Collection to specific causes:

  • Breast Cancer Research
  • Cancer Research
  • Domestic Violence Support
Vantel Pearls Ring Of Hope Bracelets.
A piece of our Autism Awareness Collection with a white pearl.

For the past three years, we have launched a limited-time Autism Awareness Collection, with $2 from the sale of each item going directly to non-profit organizations that provide support, research, and resources for families impacted by autism.

Written from the Heart

Penned by Joan in the early days of Vantel Pearls, our Treasured Gems inspire everything we do.


Guiding principles for Vantel Pearls

Part of the Vantel Pearls' Treasured Gems philosophy
Part of the Vantel Pearls' Treasured Gems philosophy
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