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Vantel Pearls

Stunning necklaces. Beautiful bracelets. Eye-catching earrings and rings. Vantel Pearls' pieces capture life's beauty... And reflect yours.

From fashion-forward design to exciting oyster openings to attentive product care, we are passionate about creating an experience you'll treasure.

It all started with an oyster...

It all started when Joan returned from a trip to Hawaii with a gift for her niece, an oyster with a pearl inside. Her niece was so filled with wonders - Joan knew she had to share the oyster opening experience with others.

Joan opened two retail stores in Martha's Vineyard and Cape Cod, and after a few years thought she might try holding a home party. That one party changed everything. Today, Vantel Pearls Consultants across America hold their own online and home parties, sharing that same wonder with thousands of devoted customers.

But Vantel Pearls' story isn't just about finding a pearl in an oyster and starting the nation's original oyster opening jewelry company nearly 30 years ago.

It is about the journey we all take. The values we hold dear. The courage we have to try something new, to take on challenges, and to discover, much like the pearl in the oyster, that we can emerge strong, shimmering, changed for the better.

That is the Vantel Pearls story, and it's one we love to share through each oyster opening, each necklace, charm, and bracelet. It's a tale of belief, gratitude, and passion for all that matters most in life.

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